Taking Your Measurements

Marcel Rodrigues Bespoke begins with us taking two measurements. One using a tape measure for the circumference of your head and the other using a conformateur to give us the shape of your head. The latter measurements are then sent to our block maker who produces a last which is used to ensure an exact fit. Once we have perfected the fit, the last can then bekept to help store and maintain the shape of your bespoke piece.

The Felt

Once we have taken your measurements the customisation begins by selecting your felt colour
(over X shades to choose from), composition (Wool, Rabbit or Beaver) and weight (Dress or
Western). Please visit … for further information on these elements.


Our 230g pure rabbit fur is denser and more durable to maintain structure and shape.

Your First Bespoke Hat


Price Thereafter

Beaver £620


Our 110g lightweight rabbit felt is soft and malleable, great in wet weather.

Your First Bespoke Hat


Price Thereafter

Beaver £860


Our 230g pure beaver is denser and more durable with a soft and luxurious feel.

Your First Bespoke Hat


Price Thereafter

Beaver £1100

Crown and Brim Style

Next is the crown style and height followed by the brim style and width. With our Bespoke service comes numerous fittings and in your first we go through these elements together using a process of elimination to find what really works for you. It is here that we also ensure the pinch of your hat is aligned with your nose making the piece truly unique to you.


Lastly we embellish your hat. Elements include distressing, stitching, covering, accessories, ribbons and so much more - the possibilities are quite literally endless. This stage enables you to get creative and create a piece true to you.

Finishing Touches

Your hat is then lined and initialled before a final fitting which gives us the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments and finishing touches.

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